Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand

Ebb and Flow

My life lately seems to be a constant dance of coming into and out of balance.  There have been times when I feel empowered and in-tune, and then other moments when routine gets away from me and I feel like I’ve been knocked off my game.  This natural ebb and flow can feel like a banged up roller coaster.  What I remind myself of however, is that the highs and lows are fleeting and that continuing to show up for myself is a practice.  We can become attached to the sweet spots when life feels aligned, and feel like we have lost ourselves when things feel misaligned.

Through my yoga practice, I have learned how to better stay the course when life feels bumpy. When practicing, there are moments when I feel centered and strong and there are times when I hit places which are just plain uncomfortable.  My practice is sacred to me because I get to show up on my mat as I am and experience all of it.  The balanced handstand and the quiet savasana are elements of the practice, but for me, they are not representative of all of it.  I show up because my practice teaches me how to enjoy the beauty of the sweet spots as well as be there for myself and practice breathing through spaces from which I want to escape.  My practice is a way to re-create patterns to better serve myself and my body.  Yoga, for me, encompasses all of this.

And from my practice, I can then begin to transfer these principles more easily into my life.  When I feel like I have lost my balance, I know I can be there for myself.  I know that I have the tools of presence and breath which can get me through in a conscious way.  I have learned that there will be times of connection and joy and there will be times when I wobble and fall.  Thank goodness life is not stagnant.  Thank goodness life allows for all of these pieces; allowing opportunities to soften our perspectives, and allowing chances to learn to value both the ebb and the flow.

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