Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand


Group Classes in Bangkok:

Interested in private sessions or small group sessions?

Private yoga, kalari, and health counseling sessions, provide you with individualized instruction, directly focusing on goals for your overall wellness.  Aubri will work with you to develop a program that is specifically supports your body and lifestyle.  Either combined or used individually, private sessions in yoga, holistic health counseling, and kalari, are effective, sustainable tools to accelerate you on your path to wellness.  Contact Aubri for more details.

Along with private sessions, Aubri offers public classes throughout the week for those who are interested in a group yoga experience.  Please contact Aubri to find out more about her current public class offerings.


Past Events:


Private Yoga Consultant ◊ Four Seasons Hotel  


August 4-6 ◊ Kalari Longstick Workshop ◊ Salt Lake City, USA

May 22-24 ◊ Yoga 101 Workshop ◊ Buyukada, Istanbul, Turkey

Private Yoga Consultant ◊ Four Seasons Hotel  


Private Yoga Consultant ◊ Four Seasons Hotel  

Yoga with Live Music Saturday Events


December 1 ◊ Intro To Kalari Workshop ◊ Eindhoven, The Netherlands  ◊ Sadhana Yoga Studio

Private Yoga Consultant ◊ Four Seasons Hotel  


Nov 10 ◊ Yoga w/ Live Music Event ◊  Yoga by Aubri Barnes + Music by Avi Adir

May 15 or May 19th ◊ Detox Workshop and Yoga Class ◊ Co-Led by Aubri Barnes and Nezahat Elden 

March 6-15 ◊ Open to Public Prana Flow Classes ◊ Hørsholm, Denmark ◊ YogaZensation


JANUARY 21 ◊ Intro To Kalari Workshop ◊ Helsinki, Finland ◊ Joogakoulu Shanti 

APRIL 16 + 17  ◊ Intro To Kalari Workshop ◊ Hørsholm, Denmark – YogaZensation

May 14 – 21  ◊ Kalari Intensives  ◊ In Sabina, Italy – YogaZensation Retreat

JUNE 9 ◊ Kalari Teacher’s Intensive ◊ Istanbul, Turkey – Yoga Pacific

JUNE 11 ◊Intro to Kalari Workshop ◊Istanbul, Turkey – Yoga Darga

JULY Guest Teaching Prana Flow open-to-public classes ◊ Hørsholm, Denmark YogaZensation

SEPTEMBER 16, 17, 18 ◊ Opening to Shakti – Goddess Workshop ◊  Hørsholm, Denmark YogaZensations  

Join me in getting your goddess on during this weekend workshop!

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