Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand


Individualized health counseling is an opportunity to work on goals related to your health and overall wellness. We will work together to develop a program which will move you toward a more positive relationship with your food, body, and self. This program is about setting, keeping, and making goals happen. We will target goals by focuses on primary foods, which can be defined as your relationship to exercise/movement, career/work, and spirituality/purpose.

For this program, we commit to working together for six months, meeting twice per month.

Supplemental yoga sessions are also optional to add to your counseling package at a reduced fee.

Program Options:

Simply Counseling:
  • 6 months
  • 50 Minute sessions twice per month
  • Email support throughout the counseling term
  • 225 TL per month
Yoga and Counseling:
  • 6 months
  • 50 minute sessions twice per month
  • 70 minute yoga classes twice per month
  • Email support throughout the counseling term
  • 450 TL per month

 Please send an email for further information on individualized health counseling.  

Depending on location, appointments can be made in person or via Skype or telephone.  


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