Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand

about aubri


ju9syAKXT11-qEYVfbkaKL2-KCuDAhzryYG3nFj3BmkGrowing up as a dancer, Aubri has always had a connection to the exploration of movement. When she began practicing yoga, she discovered a practice that integrated both body and mind. Noticing the benefits of the practice which began to take effect beyond her sessions on the mat, she chose to deepen her understanding by studying both in the States and in India. Her studies of yoga, led her to discover kalarippayat, an ancient Indian martial art. Kalari allowed her to see the world with a greater awareness, as the practitioners say the “body becomes all eyes”. The combination of the two practices, have now been the foundation of her physical practice for the past twelve years.

Breath leads the way in all of Aubri’s classes. Her goal is not to direct, but to guide. She allows her students to discover their own rhythms by nurturing their ability to listen and look inward. Aubri began teaching Prana Flow Yoga and Kalari in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2007. She then spread these teachings throughout Europe and Asia to all who are open to opening their bodies and softening their minds through movement and meditation. She has studied with key teachers Shiva Rea, Gerhard Schmid, and C.M. Sherif Gurukkal. She is Yoga Alliance Certified.

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