Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand


Kalarippayat is a powerful meditation in movement.  It is an Indian martial art and the sister to yoga and ayurveda.  Kalari trains the whole self: the body, the emotions, and the mind. It roots the practice of living in this world.   Elements of kalari include dancing with the energies of Siva and Sakti, expanding sensory awareness, finding the dynamic fluidity of contraction and expansion, and the mirroring the eternal cosmic story of creation and destruction.

As an intact oral lineage, Aubri feels honored to have received permission to teach this art to all who are ready to encounter their inner warrior.  Studying under the guidance of Gerhard Schmid, in the lineage of C. M. Sherif Gurukkal, Aubri strives to transmit the strength of this practice by offering workshops and classes around the world.  Please check her schedule for upcoming kalari workshops/classes or contact Aubri to set up a future event.  

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