Private Yoga Instruction – Bangkok, Thailand

sharing light

During a recent yoga class I was taking, as I prepared for meditation, the teacher walked around and draped his students in blankets.  While sitting in stillness, even though it was such a small gesture, it struck me as really powerful.  There is a verse in the Bhagavad Gita which says, “A leaf, a flower, a fruit, or even water, when offered to me in devotion, I will accept it as the loving gift of a dedicated heart.  Whatever you do, make it an offering.” 

As we pass through the darkest days of the year, I am asking myself, how can I make my life an offering?  I think sometimes we feel that in order to give, it needs to be grandiose, planned out, or perfect.  The most valuable gifts for me though, have been the scribbles from my students, found treasures from a wander, things that come from an honest heart.  So what can I give?  The greatest thing I think I can give myself and others is the permission to show up and be present with what is.  Ignoring intuition, running from realities, fighting, ignoring,  and manipulating truths, dims our light. But when we sit with all that is, and confront what is real, a sense of strength and light emerges.  Sharing our truths, what is honest, what is wild, what may be uncomfortable, but yet is sincere, is an expression of light.  During this holiday season and into the new year, may we all acknowledge our own light and offer up what is real.  Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.   Happy holidays.  xaKh4a1OeAFckC8qokWLZktjik_4IRKQ4J1CskOO0AI


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